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WinkWhy Pdproxy VPN?

Are you wondering if a VPN is right for you? Consider the following practical reasons why you should use Pdproxy VPN service: 

CoolSecuring Wireless Connections / Public Wi-Fi
   If you use wireless hotspots / public wi-fi, your traffic is open to be easily monitored by both the persons providing the wireless access, and others on the wireless network (as they all have the security key). This makes session hijacking rather easy - as the recent FireSheep extension for Firefox demonstrates. In other words, it's quite simple for another person to hijack your Facebook, Twitter, possibly even your email account. 

An attacker sitting in a coffee shop or on hotel wireless could gather dozens of accounts in short order using this method. By using a VPN, even on a wireless connection employing no security measures, you will prevent these types of attacks.

CoolHiding your IP address / Privacy
   As you visit websites, information about you is being stored in databases. To counter this, you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection and you need to do it now.

When you connect to our VPN server, it will mask your IP address with our server's IP address. All traffic you send and receive on the Internet passes to and from our vpn server. Your online presence is now "masked" behind our servers. If you visit a website or connect to any online web service it will only see our server's IP address and not your own IP address.

CoolViewing content outside your geographical area / bypassing censorship

We have servers in many countries, which will allow you to view content from websites that restrict access based on geographical location (e.g. Hulu, Comedy Central, BBC, etc.). For instance, at this moment I am in the Philippines. If I connect to Hulu.com without PD-Proxy VPN, their web servers can determine that I am in the Philippines. Anyone connecting from an I.P. address that is not in the U.S. simply sees a screen that says the video is unavailable. However, if I use PD-Proxy VPN to connect to a server in USA, their web servers will think that I am located in the USA which will then let me watch videos which is supposedly only available to users in US.

CoolPreventing passive traffic monitoring

All traffic passing from your computer to the Internet is easily monitored and logged by your ISP. Many ISPs bury the fact that they do this deep in their Terms of Service when you sign up. If you use PD-Proxy VPN, all traffic on your connection will be encrypted from your computer to our VPN server, and then pass to the Internet.

CoolPreventing bandwidth throttling / traffic shaping

A LOT of ISPs engage in traffic shaping/throttling of certain types of traffic - BitTorrent traffic in particular. If you don't like the idea of your traffic being monitored and shaped, our VPN will prevent this by creating an encrypted tunnel between your computer and our VPN server. The ISP can only see the tunnel - but not the ports being used and the traffic protocols passing through the tunnel.


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